• What is Wrappy?

    Wrappy is a set of scenarios and commands which help you automate your system administration process.

  • You have a site?

    Using Wrappy you are just a few clicks away from deployment! Then you can Scale, Migrate, Backup, Customize and Monitor your Projects, Servers and Team with Wrappy.

  • Your hosting company is not covering your needs anymore?

    Migrate your site to the new server in minutes. No download or upload of backups involved, Wrappy will copy all the files directly from the old one.

  • You are administrating dozens of sites/projects?

    Empower Wrappy to deal with them.

  • Challenge Us.

    Describe your server management scenario and we’ll add this feature to Wrappy in a week.

Register now for free and get 10$ in Wrappy services. Check out the pricing page and choose your options.

Why Wrappy?

  • Connect any server or use Digital Ocean and AWS integration
  • Have full access to your server using Wrappy, built to help
  • Build projects with multiple instances and manage them
  • Pay hourly for your needs without additional taxes for support
  • Cloud Services

    Integrate Amazon and Digital Ocean services, connect your dedicated server, manage it all in one place.

  • Server Management

    Easy to setup and customize environments. Monitor and manage your remote servers using Wrappy’s web interface. Use our powerful tool for servers setup and its administration.

  • Projects

    Migrate and deploy your Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla or another PHP project in a few clicks. Manage your projects instant, safe and secure. Enjoy easy access to your projects from anywhere.

  • Team Management

    Manage your development team using Wrappy. Grant different roles to your team’s members. Set up permissions per server and project.