Hey Guys!

We are happy to introduce ourselves! We are a team formed of four enthusiasts: Vladimir, Alex, Doru and Andy. Vladimir is our lead technical developer and the main architect of the project. Alex comes with great experience as a senior developer and contributes with great hints and workarounds. Doru is our youngest though the most restless member, coming with great experience of a backend developer and frontend. Andy is trying to pull all of it together.

We’ve all worked together on projects for Stanford University, Pfizer, Ariba and many other American clients. Working on multiple projects simultaneously we came across a number of issues regarding server management, projects management and cloud services. Thus coming up with the idea to make things easier to use.

As a developer one needs to quickly link some cloud services together and to be able to manage them. Having access to all of his projects in one place. Deploying projects in an instant. Sounds crazy, but that’s what wrappy.io is all about. Wrappy brings you a new way to easily setup and customize your environments.

There are a few online services that can offer similar functionality. Acquia and Pantheon, for instance, are good examples though coming at a very expensive price with a complex interface which can be troublesome to use and offering limited options for hosting. Also they are oriented mostly towards enterprise sector, lacking flexibility in collaborating with common developers or small development companies.

Wrappy comes with the solution to fill in this gap and provide high quality services not only for the enterprise sector, but will mainly concentrate to make life easier for small groups of developers and middle sized development companies.

And of course bla bla bla bla… If you are still reading this please email us and we’ll add ten Dollars in Wrappy services on top of the ten Dollars you get when you register.

Enjoy a tool developed for developers!