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Wrappy is a set of scenarios and commands which help you automate your system administration process. By offering a fast  and easy interface for servers administration and projects management, Wrappy- represents a great solution for IT companies, hosting companies and of course for developers. 

What is the "Server"

Wrappy “Server” is an entry which stores and manages the credentials about your server: server name, server port and other general settings.Link the server to WrappyWrappy needs SSH access to your server in order to run the commands for the actions you request on the site.How to give SSH access?You have 3 options to connect your server to Wrappy (in add Server wizard you’ll be asked to chose one):

What is the "Project"

A Wrappy Project is an entry which holds information about a web site, or other custom project hosted on your server. You can add (install) projects like: Drupal sites, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal Commons, Open Atrium, Commerce Kickstart, custom PHP sites on various frameworks, and more others to come.


How to migrate a Drupal project from Amazon EC2 cloud to DigitalOcean


In this tutorial you will learn the easiest way in which you can migrate a Drupal site  (in our case Amazon EC2) to DigitalOcean cloud without creating a command in console, any other copies of files, database migrations, execution of scripts etc.



Setup project file permissions

In order to setup project file permissions, you have to follow this steps:

  • Access project environment components page.

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- Wrappy is a set of scenarios and commands which help you automate your system administration process.
- Using Wrappy you are just a few clicks away from deployment! Then you can Scale, Migrate, Backup, Customize and Monitor your Projects, Servers and Team with Wrappy.
- Migrate your site to the new server in minutes. No download or upload of backups involved, Wrappy will copy all the files directly from the old one.

Manage Cloud services

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